Best Tips For Buying A Used Car

Although not always as highly-priced, buying used car can be as overwhelming and frustrating as buying a new car. You still have to think of the cost and form of the car, but now cope with the potential risks of a used car – is it legitimate and roadworthy?

The most important thing to remember when looking for used cars in UK England is that there are some pretty unscrupulous people out there who will happily sell a cloned, previously written off or stolen car to anyone who is willing to buy it.

And with cars, it is very difficult to ascertain a genuine history from a fairy tale made up by a dishonest vendor. This is where getting a full vehicle history check is vital in avoiding a car with an unsavory history. What you need to avoid all this in UK England is to have an HPI check before buying a second-hand car.

HPI Checks lets you find out if the 2nd hand car, van, truck or motorbike you are thinking of buying has been registered as stolen, is an insurance write off or a cloned vehicle. It can also help you to determine if the car has been clocked i.e. had the mileage turned back to make it appear in better condition and more valuable than it actually is. You can also get an HPI check done when you buy a boat or a caravan.

In this day and age, buying a used vehicle without carrying out an HPI Check is very unwise indeed. A huge number of vehicles in the UK are being stolen and given new identities. This practice is called cloning. Even a basic HPI check will pick this up and prevent you from buying a vehicle that you may have to hand back at a later date to its original owner.

There are plenty of sites offering HPI Checks; however, not all of them offer genuine checks. It is important to only buy an HPI check from a company that offers you a guarantee. That guarantee means that if at a later date, you discover that the information within the check was not accurate you can claim compensation. Check that the level of compensation that you would be entitled to covers the cost of the vehicle you are considering buying.

Other things to look out for when buying a used car

Check every one of the documents carefully – this could spare you any future migraines. Look in the log book and make certain that the name there matches that of the seller (for private deals). Check administration history and records, Mot certificate (for vehicles more than 3yrs old) and any receipts for repairs or upkeep. * Make beyond any doubt every one of the dates include/bode well.

Take a test drive for all vehicles you are interested in purchasing. This ought to be no less than 15 minutes over a scope of various road surfaces. It permits you to settle on a choice if the car is agreeable and whether it handles well. Guarantee that the car is exhausted and you are to drive it. Listen for any knocks, rattles or squeaks that could make certain of an inconvenience

Stroll around the cars and deliberately check it. Be prepared to exchange over the price, and don’t purchase unexpectedly. It is regularly worth saying that you have been looking for on the web and know about most recent prices.

Why Are Vehicle Checks So Important?

When you are buying a used vehicle, it is necessary for you to do vehicle checks properly. There are certain things that you should take care when you are choosing the used car. When you are checking the used car, make sure that you are considering the following things for getting a used car that is proper in all aspects.

Checking the Physical Aspects

The major aspect when you do vehicle checks is to find out whether it is physically alright. You should make the car park in a levelled ground so that you can check the tires well and also find whether there is anything sagging under car. You should then see for the painting work that is done on the car. Check the car well to find any scratches, dents, rust spots and such flaws because these are factors that can be considered when the price of the car is finalised. You can look at car’s sides from the end on so that you can find waviness which says that painting is done on the car. When you feel your fingers on joints’ edges present between panel and you find roughness then it is the indication of the leftover of masking tape.

The trunk of car should be in better condition. There should not be any signs of rust and water should not enter the interior of the car due to the holes and cracks. If there is any wear inside trunk then it is the indication of the car’s usage. The tire of the car should be inspected and make sure the tires are worn out evenly else it can be due to an improper alignment. The spare tire should be checked and its tread should be checked with other tires for finding whether it is full spare. The frame of the car should not be damaged. If possible should inspect under the car.

Under Hood

Why Are Vehicle Checks So Important

It is necessary to figure out the engine and such parts of the vehicle are also in good condition. You can get the help of a mechanic in checking whether the engine is in good condition. It should also be taken care to choose the car with a hood that is not rusted or damaged. The hoses and pipes should also be checked to find they ate available without any cracks. The timing belt of the car should also be checked.

Inside Car

When you check the vehicle you should also give importance in checking the interiors of the car. Make sure that the seats and the upholstery of the car are in good form. Check for stains, tears and any other forms of damages. You can check for the air conditioner, wiper etc of the car to ensure that they are working smoothly. You should also see the odometer for finding the mileage of the car which is nothing but the age of the car and the miles covered by it. A normal driver can cover to about 15000 miles in one year.

Why Are Vehicle Checks So Important?

Vehicle checks are the first defense against potentially high repair bills. Checking your vehicle regularly helps you save time and money, and most importantly, it keeps you safe on the roads. Regardless of if you are shopping for a new or used vehicle, a vehicle inspection is a must.

vehicle checksIt would be wasted money to purchase a vehicle, drive it home, and find out later that you bought a bad car. Chances are, you cannot return it or trade it for another vehicle, especially if it’s used, so find out the truth about any vehicle through personal research and inquiry before you buy. Know up front if an investment is worthwhile or not. Take the time to contact the right agencies and request pertinent information, before signing a declaration to purchase.

One sure way to find out specific information regarding any vehicle is to check with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Use form V888 “Request by an individual for information about a vehicle.” All you need to do is supply the agency with the make of the vehicle. You can request specific or detailed information about the vehicle’s keeper, and whether or not the vehicle was involved in an accident. If so, you can find out if anyone was injured.

Under the hood of the vehicle is where the most performance takes place. Find out when the last MOT test was completed, and make sure you know the results. It is also a good idea to check the V5C log book, through the DVLA vehicle enquiry service.

Knowing this type of information can keep you from making a bad investment. No vehicle will be flawless, but at least you will have the option to buy or not to buy, and you won’t have to take the word of a sales dealer or previous owner about the condition of the vehicle. With your own inspection records you can look at the facts and make an informed decision.

Where To Get Used Car Loans?

Most of the individuals prefer to buy the used cars and they try to get the used car loans. The major reason to consider used cars is that most of the individuals feel that it is good to use a used car and then get a new one after being proficient in driving skills. There are chances for you to choose the loanthat can help you in easily making the purchase of a used carwithout so much of hassles. The age related with the car is the important factor and plays the key role for making the financing decision related with the used car. Loans can be tougher to obtain but not impossible. There are chances for you to get the finest kind of details related with that from the corresponding websites. You can choose the lender who can provide you with the better loan options. There are chances for you to get the best way for buying a car from the loans that are available for used car. Loans that are available for the used cars can be available on an average rate of about 3 percentage.

Age of Car


Age of the car is an important factor that is considered by the financial institutions for the purpose of providing the loan. It is always a fact that the cars that are of new model can easily obtain a loan in good interest rate. There are chances for you to choose the best kind of the loans from the loan provider. According to the age you can get the loan and it can be based on the condition of the car too. Most of the financial institutions do not provide finance for the vehicles that are older than 5 years.

Payment Options that Suit Budget

You can choose the best payment option that is available for financing the used car. You can also have the finance option that can suit the budget of yours. There are chances for you to have minimum of the hassles with the loans for the used car. You can easily get the right option for you from the finance companies available. It is much easier to apply for used car loans and then use the money for purchasing the car.

Choosing the Right Kind of Finance Deal

There are chances for you to get the right kind of payment option for you. These options can provide you with sufficient amount. Market is flooded with so many financial institutions providing support for the people who are planning to buy used cars. It is not a great issues to get an option that is suitable for your personal and financial circumstances. With a small amount in the form of deposit there is possibility for the individuals to easily get the loan that they want. It is necessary to do proper research to find the interest rate and the various conditions and terms related with the loan provider before you choose one.

Checking A Used Car’s History: The Vehicle Identification Number

The vehicle identification number can be used by the individuals in knowing more about the vehicle. Getting the history of the vehicle can help in reducing the chances for buying one that is sold through illegal methods. There are various kinds of checks possible to know more about the car. DVLA can be used for different checks, private – history check and also MOT check can also be possible by the individuals. There are various things that you can understand with the identification number of the vehicle.

Identity of Car

The online database of DVLA can help you in knowing about the year in which the vehicle was manufactured, the date when the vehicle was first registered, the capacity of the engine, expiry date of the current tax, tax rate and also color of the vehicle. If the details that you find through the database are not matching with car or the registration certificate then it means that the car is given the identity of another. This is called ringing which is something against law. Confirming the identity that is related to the car can provide you with useful information about the car and the cost for tax. Database can be available without any cost for usage. It is necessary for knowing the registration number of the car and also it’s make for gathering more details about it.

Checking the Private History

History check is otherwise called the data check. This is something that can provide you with so many private data that is related with the data. There are chances for the individuals to know the details like whether the car has been ever reported as stolen. You can also know whether the car still has got any financial owing. It is really a bad thing to own a car that has got some financial owing which can put you in so many risks and so better to go for personal check. You can also find out whether the used car that you are planning to buy has ever gone through a severe damage in any accident. If you are buying a used car that has undergone severe damage then you need to spend much amount of money on the car. Severe damages can really affect the major parts of the car in adverse manner. You can also find out whether there is a huge difference in the mileage that is given in database and there on odometer. You can also find out a company which can do the history checks of the vehicle through internet or telephone directory.

Checking MOT

You can get the recent MOT – history that is associated with the vehicles. This is a useful option if you are not sure about the MOT certificate. There are chances for you to easily choose the thing that you need. You can check for the history of the car and then come to the conclusion well. You can make use of the identification number and get the details related with that.

Tough Decision: Used Car vs. New Car

When it comes to buying a car you always come to the situation where there is a question arises as used car vs new car. It is important for the individuals to first make the decision to choose either the new one or the used car for buying. Here are some of the benefits offered by both these categories; you can go through that before coming to a conclusion. Knowing well about the positive sides of both the used cars and the new cars should be known by the individuals.

Pros in Buying New Car


The first and foremost advantage of buying the new car is the possibility for buying a car that has got all the options that you need. You can search for the car with the features that you need and enquire to any of the agent who can search and figure out a car that has got all that you need. When it comes to new car, you are getting something pretty new which has not undergone any accidents or wear and tear. You can be happy for owning a car that is brand new. The warranty of the new car is another attractive feature. You are going to get warranty without any extra cost and can get the car replaced from manufacturer.

When the care is pretty new, then it comes with all the latest technologies that can make you feel much happy and comfortable in the car. The security features can also be inbuilt in the car. The sophisticated features of security can help you in getting the insurance for the car in much lesser rate. The new cars with the latest security systems can help the individuals in getting better safety at the times of accidents and such mishaps.

You can also get better fuel efficiency with lower emissions in the new cars. If you are someone who promotes green living then new cars can be more appropriate for you. The financing rates on the new cars are much lower compared to the old ones. New cars get the provision of free maintenance from the brand for particular time period or mileage.

Used Cars

When it comes to the used cars there is no need for you to pay the same cost that of the new car. You can get a nice model in less cost when you are buying a used car. This can be a greater advantage. The value of the new car can reduce substantially in the first year after that the rate of depreciation won’t be in that significant rate. There are chances for you to have insurance rates higher than the used cars but as the cost of the car is less, you need not have to worry much about the insurance. You cannot get the car that has all the features you want as that of the new car. You should search with the few features so that you can easily find a car that can satisfy your travelling requirements.

What You Need To Know About Servicing A Used Car

There are certain things that you need to take care when you are servicing a used car. Owning a car entails you the responsibility of knowing about the proper maintenance of it. As a human being requires medical checkups and food regularly, car also requires proper care if you want it to last for longer time period. If it’s not given proper care then car can come to a worst situation where you need to spend lot of money on it. If you are buying car just for pleasure and not giving any attention towards it then there are chances for your car to have an immature death.



When you are servicing the car it is necessary to ask the mechanic to check the oil filter, air filter and also the oil. It is always good to change all that during the servicing so that your vehicle do not meet with a worst condition in future. There are chances for the workshops to not perform all the important checks and so you should ask the mechanic to do the job so that you can ensure it to be done well. If the oil is not changed on time it can do great harm to the engine which can be worst to be fixed.


The battery of the car should be checked and it is your responsibility for reminding the mechanic to check that. You should make sure that the performance of the battery is tested and should make the mechanic find out if there are any issues in starting the engine. If there are some troubles then it is better to replace the battery than facing a situation where your vehicle leaves you helpless amidst an emergency situation.

Tires, Cooling Fluids and Radiator

Make sure that the tires of the car are in good condition. Having a tire that is worn out in a bad manner can create many issues. The tires that are damaged should be replaced and the ones with not proper pressure should be checked and do the needful. The tire pressure should be checked every week so that you can ensure the safety of the car. When you give the car for servicing, it is also good to check the spare tire and see whether it has got proper inflation. Tire is a major part of the car and it should be maintained well.

The radiator and the levels of the cooling fluid should be checked well and it is always good for this job to be done by the experts. The fluids are expected to be replaced daily for maintaining the car well without any issues.

Lights, Belts and Hoses

If the lights of the car become dim it is good for replacing that immediately. It is not a good situation to travel at night without lights. It is a very unsafe condition which should be avoided. It is also necessary to ensure that the pipes and hoses are in good condition.